All fired up! You, too, would be grinning if you got a fatty bonus just for signing up to be a reefer driver

time-clockBoulevard reports extensively on executive pay at big local employers. But we also look at what folks make down in the trenches — and off in the more unexpected corners of the Internet. After buzzing through recent Craigslist Louisville help-wanted ads, we’ve unearthed openings for truck drivers, sign spinners, trivia game emcees, and Asian egg donors (and we’re not talking about chickens, either).

Truck driver

The duties: Talk about smokey and the bandit! Could trucking for a living be any easier? Not according to Swift Refrigerated, which promises: “No gimmicks, no contracts, no run-around. Just open road and a career path you can meet head-on.”

You won’t spend your entire life away from home, either. Over-the-road drivers are typically out for 10-14 days at a time. Regional drivers will have varied home time, based on freight demand. And some even have daily home time, with consistent schedules!

What it pays: Swift offers a $2,500 sign-up bonus; more details when you contact the company. Employment site Glassdoor says Swift drivers make between $42,000 and $45,000 a year, but that’s based on just a handful of reader posts. In a 2012 story, CNN said truckers earned a median $37,930, with the top 10% making more than $58,000.

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Photo, top: That’s the 100% unretouched illustration Swift trucking uses in its Craigslist ad.

Sign spinner

The duties: nothing explains them better than this video:

Of the prerequisites, the most important would clearly be: “Do you have a high energy level?”

What it pays: $11 an hour for as many as 25 hours a week. Downside: You’ll need to work in Cincinnati.

Trivia game emcee in bars

The duties: Your prospective employer, Last Call Productions asks, “Do you love Jeopardy? Have you dreamed of becoming a game show host? Then this is the gig for you!”

Alex Trebek Jeopardy
Host since 1984: Alex Trebek.

Last Call hosts hundreds of two-hour trivia shows in bars and restaurants in Louisville and across the country, pitting teams of customers against each other.

You’ll read trivia questions; keep score; entertain the crowd (which, if there isn’t much of one, will be painfully awkward); and keep the teams pumped up and focused (also a challenge, since they’ll often be falling-down drunk).

What it pays: $50-$55 per gig.

Asian egg donor

The duties: No, this isn’t a job for one of these chickens. It’s for female humans with ova to spare for couples or single people struggling with infertility. The ad lists the bare-minimum qualifications: You must be a non-smoking female, between 18 and 33 years old, with a good medical history.

For unexplained reasons, the ad targets Bowling Green. About 4.2% of the southern Kentucky city’s 64,000 residents are Asian, according to the 2010 Census — fewer than 2,700 total. In Louisville, it’s 2.2%, or 13,500 residents; and in Kentucky, 1.1%, or about 49,000. More Census facts about the state.

What it pays: up to $12,000 per cycle. (Supply and demand rule in all industries, including fertility. Another company is offering $8,000 to Jewish women in Bloomington.)

But wait, there’s more!

As Boulevard reported last month, you could earn up to $65,000 being a surrogate mother.

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