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‘The bottom line is, we’re a little bit ahead of our time. To me, the big shame is when you don’t dream big’

Greg Fischer

That’s Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, speaking to The Courier-Journal today about the unexpected failure of West Louisville FoodPort, which developers at Seed Capital Kentucky announced yesterday.

The Brown family donated $382,000 to the project since 2012, making the project’s collapse a rare defeat for the founding family of whiskey giant Brown-Forman.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post misattributed the quote to philanthropist Stephen Reiley, co-founder of Seed Capital.

Soft and creamy: This master’s description of a special bourbon hitting stores next month sounds like classic food porn

“It starts off as soft butterscotch with candied orange peel. It transitions into a creamy vanilla in the middle and finishes with subtle anise and moderate spice. It’s like eating black jelly beans in the middle of an orange grove.”

— Jackie Zykan, Old Forester master bourbon specialist, describing the 2016 Birthday Bourbon commemorating Brown-Forman founder George Garvin Brown‘s birth going on sale next month.

Here are his additional notes: color, deep reddish umber; nose, complex and cinnamon, wood-spiced with nutty chocolate, dark caramel and rich oak notes all brightened with a dash of crisp citrus fruit; taste, mulled spice sweetness and fruity with bright citrus peel highlights; finish, long and warm with mulled fruit character lingering on.

(Ironically in a Sam Malone of “Cheers” way, Boulevard Publisher Jim Hopkins doesn’t drink alcohol.)

‘Apparently what happens is these things simply pass through and they go to corporate, where they get lost’

Jeffrey Niggemeyer

That was Jeffrey Niggemeyer of Laramie, Wyo., telling a judge yesterday why a Papa John’s accepted check after check he wrote on a closed account — 16 hot checks in all — from May 23 through June 18. 

Niggemeyer, 19, pleaded guilty to one count of felony check fraud in the case, according to KOWB radio. He also wrote another 40 bad checks to Domino’s, for a total $1,333 for all 56 of them. “I was out of a job, I was struggling to find a new one, I was out of money and I was out of food,” he told the court during his arraignment.

CEO Niccol: ‘I think it’s the responsibility of companies like Taco Bell to step in and help these young people get their first job’

That’s Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol speaking to NPR’s Marketplace; listen to the just-broadcast interview. The Yum fast-Mexican division is among employers holding job fairs around the nation with the goal of getting 100,000 more young people on the payroll by the year after next. Taco Bell accounts for 6,500 of Yum’s 43,000 restaurants worldwide with a combined 505,000 employees.

Taco Bell logoNiccol, 42, has been CEO since January 2015. He learned some of his earliest lessons as a teenager running a lawn-mowing service with friends, according to the Los Angeles Times. Pricing varied by location, and to get a contract, marketing was a must — an idea he took to future jobs. “At the time you do it, you don’t realize how it’s influencing you going forward,” he said. “I think it carries on with you in the subconscious.”

Parker on her fabulous photobomber: ‘Jennifer Lawrence deserves every bit as much as her male counterpart. It’s indisputable’

That’s actress Sarah Jessica Parker, speaking to Marie Claire magazine for a provocative new interview where the “Sex and the City” star declared she isn’t a feminist.

Marie Claire September 2016
September cover.

“I don’t think I qualify,” she told the magazine. “I believe in women and I believe in equality, but I think there is so much that needs to be done that I don’t even want to separate it anymore. I’m so tired of separation. I just want people to be treated equally.”

In the photo, belowLawrence photobombs Parker on the red carpet at the 2013 Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in New York. More photos from this year’s event.

Jennifer Lawrence "photobombs" Sarah Jessica Parker as Marion Co

Greg Creed

“I think George Hamilton, as the new Colonel behind Extra Crispy is brilliant and that is having a positive impact on our sales momentum at KFC in the U.S.”

— Yum CEO Greg Creed, in a second-quarter earnings teleconference with Wall Street analysts last week. The perpetually tanned Hamilton debuted a month ago as the latest in a series of KFC Founder Harland Sanders impersonators. Here’s one of the spots: