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Kosair’s 40-year affiliation with Norton-run children’s hospital ends bitterly

Kosair Children's Hospital logoUnder a new settlement of a suit it brought against Norton Healthcare in 2014, the Kosair Charities foundation will make a multimillion-dollar payment to Norton, and lose naming rights to Kosair Children’s Hospital downtown. Still, Kosair’s payment will only a fraction of the $117 million it had pledged to Norton over 20 years, according to The Courier-Journal.

Kosair and Norton teamed up in the late 1970s as long-term care for children became more complex. In 1981, Kosair merged its 58-year-old children’s hospital with Norton’s, creating Kosair Children’s Hospital. Kosair then expanded its support of children’s health care to what is now more than 90 agencies statewide.

In the year ended Sept. 30, 2015, it donated $6 million to dozens of charities, according to the group’s IRS tax return for the year. The single-biggest grant went to Kosair Children’s Hospital: $3.6 million. On the surface, the vast majority of its grants went to charities with a clear health-care focus. A handful of unexpected recipients stand out, including the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts ($10,000) and Kentucky Friends of the NRA Foundation ($7,500). More about Kosair Charities.

Updated 4:55 p.m.: The return’s Schedule O says the NRA grant was for gun safety lessons for children. (And thanks to a Facebook friend for pointing that out.)