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Coming to a kitchen near you

Haier completed its $5.6 billion purchase of GE Appliances and its 6,000-employee Appliance Park in the south end in June. From baby boomers to millennials, the story of GE Appliances’ rise and decline is a tale of Louisville’s middle class.

Strange bedfellows: A dainty KFC-eating Trump draws comparisons to Dukakis’ infamous tank photo

That’s just one of the better overnight Twitter reactions to Donald Trump‘s Tweeted photo last night of himself eating a KFC meal with silverware aboard his jet. Perez Hilton posted a nice roundup of the rest.

Here’s Trump and Democrat Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts, whose failed 1988 White House campaign took a public relations hit after his staged outing in a tank failed to counter Republican charges he was weak on national defense:

Trump and Dukakis
Trump and Dukakis: in the bucket vs. in the tank.

The lucky groom-to-be is a 16-year-old photographer in Orem, Utah, and Taco Bell interviewed him.

Question: What inspired you to propose?

Answer: One day I came across my mom’s wedding veil and just thought, “You know what would be a crazy idea? To see if I could pull off getting engaged to a Doritos Locos Taco.” I asked her if I could borrow it and she said, “Sure, as long as you keep it clean.”