Frazier History Museum

Frazier History MuseumThe Frazier History Museum‘s wide-ranging collection includes legendary pioneer Daniel Boone’s family bible, the “Big Stick” of President Theodore Roosevelt, Apache leader Geronimo’s bow and arrows, and the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace Medal, plus many tools that survived the 7,000-mile journey.

The museum was established in 2001 by Louisville businessman and philanthropist Owsley Brown Frazier, who died in 2012 at 77 years old; he donated most of the museum’s $32 million startup funds. In his last will and testament, he gave the museum his collection of arms and arms-related artifacts.

In fiscal year 2014, the most recent available on GuideStar, its annual budget exceeded $7 million.

The museum is on downtown’s “Museum Row,” in a 100,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility originally called the Doerhoefer Building. The address is 829 W. Main St., and the phone number is 502-753-5663.

Here is its GuideStar page, where you can find current IRS tax returns with annual revenues, expenses, compensation to top officers and other financial information.

Read more about the museum and about Owsley Brown on Boulevard. You can also find additional information on the museum’s Wikipedia page.