Yum! Brands wins trademark case in Philippines!!!; Kindred attorney bolts for a competitor, and a KFC beanie promo on Twitter captivates New Zealand

A news summary, focused on 10 big employers; updated 2:39 p.m.

Jolibee YumYumYUM has won a trademark case in the Philippines brought by fast-food chain Jollibee, which sought to block the Louisville company from using its business name in the country. The government’s trademark office said the word “yum” is a commonly-used interjection, and the chain’s “Yum!” logo employs an exclamation point and a different font — in caps-and-lower case — that distinguish the mark from Jollibee’s (Interaksyon). The Philippines is a potentially big market: its population is nearly 100 million.

HUMANA CEO Bruce Broussard knew his personal and work lives were out of whack after his mother died in a car accident. “I regretted the time I was not able to spend with family members. I also regretted that I defined life success as career success,” Broussard told Georgetown University graduates at their Saturday commencement ceremonies. The school gave him an honorary doctorate in humane sciences (The Hoya). Brossard, CEO since 2013, attended Texas A&M and the University of Houston.

David Pearce

KINDRED: David Pearce, chief counsel for Kindred’s home division for 11 years, has been named senior vice president and chief compliance officer at home health provider Amedisys of Baton Rouge, La. (Home Health Care News).

KFC: It was the competition that captivated a nation on Twitter, according to Spinoff magazine: The busy working world of New Zealand ground to a halt last week as one tweet from a KFC New Zealand social media person — featuring three, identical, crimson beanies — got 6,800 retweets and a 16-piece bucket full of favorites. “This is the oral history of the greatest online giveaway in New Zealand history, as told by key players” (Spinoff).

PAPA JOHN’S: In the Seattle area, a Papa John’s is advertising for a driver who’s uber-tidy. A successful applicant will have a “clean driver’s record,” “ensure personal automobile cleanliness,” and “willingly accepts and complies with company grooming and appearance standards, and practices good personal hygiene” (Craigslist).

TEXAS ROADHOUSE: Near Dallas this morning, a Texas Roadhouse diner posted a risky proposition on Craigslist’s Missed Connections page. “We locked eyes several times,” he wrote. “I was the Hispanic standing, waiting for my food. We said bye to each other. You had your kids with you, and maybe you were with your husband. Hit me up; I would like to meet you” (Craigslist).

In other news, U.S. stocks were sharply higher with less than two hours before markets closed, as polls showed support swinging back toward the U.K. remaining a member of the European Union ahead of a referendum Thursday (MarketWatch). Among the 10 big employers in Boulevard’s Stock Portfolio, Humana was leading, up 2% at $190.95 (Google Finance).

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