Town & Country has just thrown down the opera-length gauntlet before every Derby hat fan

The magazine says the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair celebrated its 120th year earlier this month, an annual event on Pennsylvania’s Main Line that draws equestrians and fans from across the country. Well and good, until the editors make the fatal mistake of gushing over the “marvelous millinery” during the annual Ladies Day Hat Contest — as if any of that could compare to what we enjoyed less than two months ago here in Louisville.

Which reminds us: There are now only 320 days, 10 hours, and 21 minutes until next year’s first Saturday in May, according to Boulevard’s exclusive 2017 Derby Countdown Clock™.

Photo, top: That’s Town & Country’s May issue, featuring top model Carolyn Murphy, wearing a Prada dress with appliqué and earrings by the same designer. Below: A guest at the iconic Churchill Downs track on May 7.
Embed from Getty Images

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