Review: Texas Roadhouse in Florida ‘was hitting on all cylinders!’

An occasional look at reviews given to restaurants owned by Papa John’s, Texas Roadhouse, and Yum.

The location: 7973 W. Irio Bronson Memorial Drive in Kissimmee, Fla. The headline: “Just Awesome.” Number of stars: five out of five. The customer: TripAdvisor user Mike P.

Anton Ego
Critic Anton Ego.

The review: We arrived at the 6:30 p.m. on a Friday night and were lucky enough to get seated immediately (six of us)! Our waiter, Max, was prompt, quick and accurate. We never had to ask for a drink refill, he left us alone to enjoy our meal but made sure we were alright several times. Chefs were spot on. Everything was cooked perfectly. Manager must have been doing an excellent job as well, keeping everything running smooth on such a busy night. This place was hitting on all cylinders! My whole family made comments on how everything flowed well and tasted great. This should be a great place to train new employees on how the restaurant should be run. Great job to everyone there. I complimented the manager and I will call corporate to let them know how well everything went.

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