Review: At this KFC in Orlando, the server was ‘definitely the most miserable’

An occasional look at reviews given to restaurants owned by Papa John’s, Texas Roadhouse, and Yum.

The location: 6217 International Drive, Orlando, Fla. The headline: “Lunch after wetnwild.” Number of stars: two out of five. The customer: TripAdvisor user loubiehigh of the U.K.’s Preston.

Anton EgoThe review: Although we don’t eat a lot of fast food at home, we do love the occasional KFC! Not in the US!!! The burger my husband had was half the size of a “zinger” which he would normally have. The popcorn chicken was better than home because the coating was more akin to the classic KFC chicken coating. Boys had the mash and gravy, and said the gravy was better than home, but disappointed you couldn’t buy this on its own. Wedges were good. Menu seemed limited; advertised some really hot chicken on the outside windows, but this didn’t seem available in the shop. Of all the Orlando residents/workers we came across the server here was definitely the most miserable. Chicken was over greasy.

Illustration, inset: That’s Anton Ego, the merciless restaurant critic in Pixar’s delightful 2007 “Ratatouille.” Here’s the trailer:

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