Schneider feud erupts again: heiresses attack heiresses over ‘desperate grab at power’

Galt House
The Galt House is the jewel in the Schneider real estate crown.

Well, that ceasefire didn’t last long.

Reigniting a family fight, Schneider Co. CEO Mary Moseley and her sister Dawn Hitron have accused their other two sisters of a “desperate grab at power and control power play” to prevent the sale of their late father’s $280 million real estate empire, The Courier-Journal is now reporting. In a blistering claim filed in a long-running lawsuit, they’re demanding their siblings pay them damages for “derailing” the sale of the Galt House hotel downtown and other properties.

The battle had appeared over just two weeks ago, when Moseley, 66, and Hitron, 62, a homemaker, agreed in Jefferson Circuit Court to drop a plan to sell the real estate before the end of May, when a trust expired and control flowed to all 24 of Schneider’s beneficiaries, according to the newspaper.

Al Schneider

But in the new 49-page claim filed Tuesday, the two sisters want to recover damages for the thwarted sale of the assets to Columbia Sussex for $135 million, which they said was far in excess of appraised value, the CJ says. The hotel is the marquee property their father, Al Schneider, bequeathed to his children when he died in 2001 at 86.

The fight has already dragged on through four courts and required 10 lawyers. It’s divided the four sisters — three of whom live in adjacent houses on the same block off Newburg Road; a fourth is just a mile away — in a business drama rivaling the 1980s Bingham family meltdown over their media business. The two sisters on the other side of Moseley and Hitron are Christy Coe, 64, a nurse practitioner, and Nancy O’Hearn, 70, who owns an event planning company.

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