Sisters are neighbors — and sworn enemies, too — in $280M Schneider family fight

Galt House
The Galt House hotel is the jewel in the Schneider real estate crown.

The just-resolved legal battle over the late Al Schneider‘s real estate empire “prompted a war of words” between four sisters — three of whom live in adjacent houses on the same block off Newburg Road; the fourth lives less than a mile away, The Courier-Journal reports today.

Al Schneider

It dragged on through four courts and required 10 lawyers, “one of those unfortunate family disputes that you hate to see,” said Rebecca Jennings, an attorney for sisters Mary Moseley and Dawn Hitron.

Moseley, 66, CEO of the Al J. Schneider Co., and Hitron, 62, a homemaker, agreed in court yesterday to drop a plan to sell the Galt House hotel and other high-profile assets worth more than $280 million before a May 31 deadline. Now, all 24 of Schneider’s heirs will decide what’s next, the newspaper says.

The other two opposing sisters were Christy Coe, 64, a nurse practitioner, and Nancy O’Hearn, 70, who owns an event planning company. Ironically, the CJ says, Coe’s husband Randy for many years tried to keep other family-owned businesses out of trouble as director of University of Louisville’s Family Business Center.

Schneider, the patriarch, died in 2001 at 86.

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