In newest Dior ads, Lawrence brings star power to style

Oscar-winning Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence has been a spokesmodel for Christian Dior since 2012. The legendary French fashion house just released photos for its newest campaign for a fresh line of Diorever bags. (How much are they? Keep reading.)

Dior photo one 400

Dior orange purse


Lawrence, 26, just named the world’s highest-paid actress ($20 million alone for December’s sci-fi thriller “Passengers”), says the bags are “chic, stylish and cool,” according to Women’s Wear Daily. Photographer Patrick Demarchelier shot the fall campaign in a New York studio, the trade site reports, with minimal props, gray walls and slanted light casting shadows on Lawrence’s prominent cheekbones and off-the-shoulder cable-knit sweaters.

Lawrence Dior blue bag

Unless Boulevard’s crack fashion editors are mistaken, Dior describes the bag immediately above as one in Midnight Blue prestige calfskin, with the following details:

  • Reversible flap in Imperial Purple smooth calfskin, Cannage topstitching.
  • Silver-tone jewelry.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 16 cm, approximately 12 x 9 x 6 inches.

The other bags appear to be so new, Dior hasn’t added them to its online catalog.

What do they cost? If you have to ask . . . actually, you’ve come to the right place! Boulevard believes these are priced around $3,400. Each. That’s according to Spotted Fashion.

But it’s not a Kelly bag

The ladies who lunch in Anchorage, Glenview, Prospect, and other luxe local redoubts will tell you the famous Hermès bag is the only way to go. Once known as the “Sac à dépêches,” it earned its better-known name after another actress, Grace Kelly, gave it a cameo role in an Alfred Hitchcock film. The backstory, according to Wikipedia:

Kelly bag
$21,935 with tax.

“In 1954, Hitchcock allowed the costume designer Edith Head to purchase Hermès accessories for the film ‘To Catch a Thief,’ starring Grace Kelly. According to Head, Kelly ‘fell in love’ with the bag. Within months of her 1956 marriage to Prince Rainier III, the pregnant Princess of Monaco was photographed using the handbag to shield her growing belly from the paparazzi. That photograph was featured in Life magazine.”

Grace Kelly and the Kelly bag
Rainier, Kelly and the bag, about 1956.

Naturellement, you won’t see Lawrence carrying anything near the paparazzi but Dior. Still, given her eye-popping salary, she could well afford any number of Kelly bags, which this year sell for between $10,000 and $20,000-plus.

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