Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be horses that are underdressed for black-tie events

Champagne smallerBig smiles, big personalities and big business networking — yes, it’s everyone’s favorite feature in The Voice-Tribune: party photos! Boulevard picks through the pics, choosing our favorite coverage.

Imagine the following:

One morning in your bathroom, brushing your teeth as you ready for work, you suddenly stop, mid-brush, and ask yourself: “I wonder where I could get a tuxedo for a horse?”

This might seem like an implausible scenario, even if you own a horse. And yet someone at the Kentucky Humane Society faced this very real question before last weekend’s annual Tuxes & Tails Benefit Gala fundraiser, where the theme was Hollywoof and the Cats’ Meow. “The highlight of this event,” the society-newsweekly Voice-Tribune reports this week, “is always the special furry guests who mingle with the crowd during cocktail hour.”

And yet Boulevard thinks the highlight was, in fact, a mini-horse named Abner, who posed with guests outside — in his tuxedo. It’s our party pic of the week. (View the photo gallery.)

Given his stature (height, not social), we wonder: Was he named after Li’l Abner Yokum, the main character of the long-running comic strip about a fictional clan of hillbillies living in dirt-poor Dogpatch, Ky.?

Lil Abner 200
Li’l Abner and Salomey.

We don’t know.

But we do know, thanks to the Internet, that we can buy a horse tuxedo for $150 from The Horse Tailor in Costa Rica’s San Jose, where “Halloween for horses is our motto!”

The tuxedo is for customers who want to dress their horse for a wedding, because apparently that happens. The Horse Tailor also sells a companion bridal costume for $170 — and a whole lot more, including the possibly NSFW Victoria’s Secret Costume.

You’re welcome, and TTFN!

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