Ranking Louisville’s Twitterati

Twitter logo 150Humana has 3,000 of its more tech-savvy employees serving as unofficial brand ambassadors on Twitter, Facebook, and other heavily trafficked social networks. That’s out of 50,000 employees overall. Here’s how the Louisville insurer stacks up against other big area employers taking advance of free publicity on the short-messaging service Twitter. Founded in March 2006, Twitter has 313 million members.


Amazon (joined February 2009)


Taco Bell (July 2007)


Pizza Hut (December 2007)


KFC (July 2008)


Ford Motor (July 2008)


Papa John’s (December 2008)


Jack Daniel’s (September 2010)


UPS (June 2010)


Texas Roadhouse (November 2008)


Humana (March 2009)


GE Appliances (September 2009)


Yum Brands (September 2007)


Haier America (March 2009)


Kindred (May 2009)


Brown-Forman (no account)

Tortoise or hare? Both!

The list shows that simply getting on Twitter early doesn’t guarantee a big following; you’ve got to work it. Tech behemoth Amazon didn’t join until nearly three years after Twitter launched, but it’s No. 1.

Katy Perry Twitter profile
Perry on Twitter.

On the other hand, Yum Brands has just 15,700 followers even though it was the second-earliest to join. But Yum’s a corporate brand; it makes sense that its consumer brands — KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell — do all the heavy lifting.

To put all these figures in perspective, consider the person with the most Twitter followers in the world: singer Katy Perry, with 91.9 million. Perry, 31, joined in February 2009. Top Twitter followers.

Boulevard’s on Twitter, too.

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