Two charged in assault of Ore. Pizza Hut worker; a tantrum over too much Taco Bell lettuce; and a bogus $100 at a KFC

The latest crime news across the world of 48,000 restaurants*.

Crime scene tapeIn Eugene, Ore., a man and woman punched and kicked a 39-year-old Pizza Hut employee who booted them out of the restaurant Thursday night, and were later taken into custody at a Taco Bell.

Travis Krauziewicz, 24, punched the unidentified employee after the worker told Krauziewicz and Maria Samantha Rivera, 26, to to leave, according to KVAL. Rivera then allegedly kicked the worker while he was on the ground and pulled a knife, police said. A bystander stepped in and took the knife from Rivera, according to police.

Krauziewicz and Rivera
Krauziewicz and Rivera.

Medics treated the worker for his injuries, the station said.

Police arrested the two on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. Rivera was also booked on a charge of attempted assault and unlawful use of a weapon. Krauziewicz is also facing an additional charge of fourth-degree assault.

Mucho Taco Bell lechuga

In Pennsylvania’s East Lampeter Township, police have cited a 30-year-old woman after she became angry over receiving “too much lettuce” in her order at a Taco Bell, according to Penn Live.

Officers were called to the restaurant just before 7 p.m. on July 29, after receiving a complaint about a customer flipping a tray of food onto an employee, police said. Summer Rose Graynill was cited for disorderly conduct, police said.

A fake $100 at KFC

About 175 miles east of there, in Altoona, a man has been charged with theft by deception for using a bogus $100 bill to buy a drink at a KFC, the Altoona Mirror reported this morning.

The man, Jason E. Almeida,  found the bill in his brother’s bedroom in May and used it even though it had the words “For Motion Picture Use Only” clearly printed on the front and back, according to police. Almeida’s brother had bought the bill online for use in making homemade rap videos, the newspaper said.

Almeida was arraigned Wednesday by Magisterial District Judge Todd Kelly and released on an unsecured $10,000 bond.

* Yum has 43,000 KFCs, Pizza Huts and Taco Bells in nearly 140 countries; Papa John’s has 4,900 outlets in 37 countries, and Texas Roadhouse has 485 restaurants across the U.S. and in five other nations. With that many locations, crimes inevitably occur — with potentially serious legal consequences for the companies.

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