For $10-$50 an hour, there are 146 people in Louisville who rent themselves out as friends. (Seriously)

time-clockBoulevard reports extensively on executive pay at big local employers. But we also look at what folks make down in the trenches — and off in the more unexpected corners of the Internet. Here’s our latest installment.

The job: friend for hire.

The duties: accompany clients to the movies; take them bike-riding; hit Oxmoor Center for shopping — basically, anything friends would do, except for that benefits stuff. They’re available through a company called, appropriately enough, Rent-a-Friend. And according to ABC News, this is an entirely legit operation — no romance, and especially no sex. Worldwide, Rent-a-Friend has 531,434 to choose from. We reviewed all 146 local ones, then drew a brief portrait of rentable Louisville, starting with:

Nick, a 23-year-old college undergraduate whose field of study would make an interesting conversation-starter: skeletal forensics. Roger once spent seven months tree-sitting in the Redwoods of California; now 31, he organizes arts grants fundraisers for the annual Burning Man gathering. A guy named Fun Man is 6’6″ tall, and points out: “I am built-in security for you, as I am a trained fighter.”

Another man, who’s nearly (6’5″) as tall and goes by the name Money, loves to travel. As does Derrick, we imagine, because he can write and read Greek. But if you want to travel more widely, Timo speaks three languages (almost) fluently, and can communicate effectively in two more. (And since he’s only 21, he may have already picked up a sixth by the time you meet him.)

Rent A Friend logoCloser to home, Tommy would be handy because, at 51, he’s a jack-of-four-trades: rentable friend, actor, Uber driver, and window cleaner. Now, if you’re thinking about doing something shady for fun, you’d probably want to reconsider renting a 30-year-old woman who calls herself That There One Chick, because she’s a corrections officer. On the other hand, if you did get into trouble, Ryan is an attorney. And finally, last but not least, because he’s got an interesting nickname, G. Carver‘s friends call him “Cadillac.”

Photo, top: Two attendees at Burning Man — an annual event that Louisville’s rentable friend Roger helps support through fundraisers he organizes. That’s a photo by Flickr member Christopher Michel.

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