In a first, Trump out-fundraises Clinton in Kentucky — but just barely; Louisville still tops for both; search all 6,900 donors in our new database

402 Zip Code map
Lots of loot for Clinton and Trump in Louisville’s 402 Zip Code area.

Republican¬†Donald Trump’s $75,387 from individual Kentucky donors in June slipped past Democrat¬†Hillary Clinton’s $73,153 in the White House race. That was a big switch¬†for the billionaire businessman, whose skimpy Kentucky fundraising had trailed all other major Republican candidates, according to WFPL.

That trend could shift because¬†candidates typically get a bump after a convention, University of Kentucky political science professor Donald Gross told the station. In Trump’s case, it also could mean Republicans are feeling more confident about their nominee:¬†‚ÄúIf you think he has a chance to win, you start freeing up your money.”

The GOP convention ended Friday. The Democrats’ meeting started today and ends Thursday with (presumably) Clinton’s acceptance speech.

Despite June’s reversal, Clinton remains way ahead in total receipts. In the current election cycle, she’s raised $783,000 vs. $130,049, according to the Federal Election Commission. (How to look up data.)

Louisville leads

For both candidates, the most lucrative areas have been Louisville, based on Zip Codes of donors. For privacy reasons, the FEC breaks down receipts only by three-digit Zip Codes. Here are the dollar amounts for 402:

  • Clinton: $279,900
  • Trump: $24,852

Clinton’s second most-fertile ground was Zip 410, the Covington area, where she picked up $150,349. Trump’s was 405, Lexington, where he got $23,948.

Find every donor to Clinton and Trump

In sheer numbers, Clinton’s received money from more than 17 times as many Kentuckians as has Trump, through June 30. Boulevard has just compiled spreadsheets showing the names of every donor to both candidates:¬†Clinton’s¬†6,521¬†vs. Trump’s¬†377.

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