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Gaining on Clinton among Ky. donors, Trump raised $360K last month

Trump and Clinton
Trump bests Clinton.

GOP White House nominee Donald Trump’s take last month was more than 2½ times that of the $136,926 received by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, according to new data from the Federal Election Commission cited today by WFPL.

“Despite Trump’s summer surge,” the station says, “he still trails far behind Clinton in netting Kentucky’s dollars. Clinton raised more than $921,409 through the end of July, compared to Trump’s $545,940.”

State Democrats raise only $45K in July, badly lagging Republicans

The total was less than one third what the Republican party pulled in during the month, and even less — by $3,000 — what it raised in June, according to its just-filed Federal Election Commission report.

The figures continue a trend that’s put the Democrats at a big disadvantage as they fight to keep control of the state House of Representatives in November.

The Democrats ended the month with $120,000 in its treasury vs. $73,000 at the start of July, the report showed. That also put it way behind the Republicans, which finished July with $1.6 million, according to their July report, filed last week.

A big part of the Democrats woes is a lack of big, wealthy donors. Led by Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter and his wife, the Republicans attracted 10 donations of $10,000 each in July — the maximum.

But the biggest donation to the Democrats was $5,000 from Andrew Martin Jr. of Louisville, a consultant with McCarthy Strategic Solutions. Most of the rest were in the mid three-digits.

Updated at 11:45 a.m. The Courier-Journal’s Tom Loftus has just explained a big infusion to the Democrats during July from a Hillary Clinton‘s political committee, the Hillary Victory Fund, totaling $793,000.

In a first, Trump out-fundraises Clinton in Kentucky — but just barely; Louisville still tops for both; search all 6,900 donors in our new database

402 Zip Code map
Lots of loot for Clinton and Trump in Louisville’s 402 Zip Code area.

Republican Donald Trump’s $75,387 from individual Kentucky donors in June slipped past Democrat Hillary Clinton’s $73,153 in the White House race. That was a big switch for the billionaire businessman, whose skimpy Kentucky fundraising had trailed all other major Republican candidates, according to WFPL.

That trend could shift because candidates typically get a bump after a convention, University of Kentucky political science professor Donald Gross told the station. In Trump’s case, it also could mean Republicans are feeling more confident about their nominee: “If you think he has a chance to win, you start freeing up your money.”

The GOP convention ended Friday. The Democrats’ meeting started today and ends Thursday with (presumably) Clinton’s acceptance speech.

Despite June’s reversal, Clinton remains way ahead in total receipts. In the current election cycle, she’s raised $783,000 vs. $130,049, according to the Federal Election Commission. (How to look up data.)

Louisville leads

For both candidates, the most lucrative areas have been Louisville, based on Zip Codes of donors. For privacy reasons, the FEC breaks down receipts only by three-digit Zip Codes. Here are the dollar amounts for 402:

  • Clinton: $279,900
  • Trump: $24,852

Clinton’s second most-fertile ground was Zip 410, the Covington area, where she picked up $150,349. Trump’s was 405, Lexington, where he got $23,948.

Find every donor to Clinton and Trump

In sheer numbers, Clinton’s received money from more than 17 times as many Kentuckians as has Trump, through June 30. Boulevard has just compiled spreadsheets showing the names of every donor to both candidates: Clinton’s 6,521 vs. Trump’s 377.

Trump’s June fundraising soars, but Clinton still does better

Trump and Clinton
Trump and Clinton

Lagging presumptive Democratic White House nominee Hillary Clinton in Kentucky and elsewhere, Donald Trump said he and the Republican National Committee raised nearly $51 million last month for his White House run and the RNC, after launching his first aggressive campaign to raise cash. The total disclosed yesterday dwarfed the $3.1 million he raised in May. Clinton, meanwhile, raised even more in June — $68.5 million — including $40 million for her campaign and $28 million for the Democratic National Committee, according to Reuters.

Trump’s and Clinton’s dollar figures weren’t broken down by state. In the last Federal Election Commission report, covering all of 2015 through May 31, the New York billionaire had taken in just $43,861 from Kentucky supporters. Clinton raked in 16 times as much: $709,377.

The fresh numbers come 11 days before the Republican National Convention, which will be in Cleveland July 18-21. The Democrats meet in Philadelphia the following week, June 25-28.

In a related development today in Cleveland, anti-Trump forces “are remarkably close” to getting past the first hurdle next week to force a vote on the party’s convention floor that would throw open the GOP contest again, according to The Wall Street Journal.

New Ky. campaign finance data show Clinton’s raised 16 times what Trump’s received

Although Donald Trump has a virtual lock on the GOP nomination for president, he’s at the back of the pack in campaign contributions from Kentuckians.

Trump and Clinton
Trump and Clinton.

Newly released Federal Election Commission figures through May 31 show the New York billionaire has taken in just $43,861 in the 2015-2016 campaign cycle. The Democrats’ likely nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has raked in 16 times as much: $709,377.

Viewed another way, of the 10 White House candidates who’ve raised the most money in the commonwealth, Trump has only received 3% of the GOP donations from Kentuckians. Clinton has gotten considerably more: 54% of Democrats’ total contributions:

Final campaign finance graphic

Still, the Republican Party of Kentucky — led by Brown-Forman executive J. MacCauley Brown — says it isn’t worried about Trump’s weak fundraising. Spokesman Tres Watson told WFPL: “The RPK and Republican National Committee continue to raise significant funds and will have more than enough financial resources to win races up and down the ballot this fall.”

Nationwide, Clinton also has a huge fundraising advantage. She’s received $229.3 million vs. $63.1 million for Trump. That’s burdened him with the worst financial and organizational disadvantage of any major party nominee in recent history, according to The New York Times.

Trump began June with just $1.3 million in cash in the bank vs. more than $42 million for Clinton.

Sen. Rand Paul, the Republican now defending Continue reading “New Ky. campaign finance data show Clinton’s raised 16 times what Trump’s received”

The other cover price for McConnell’s new tell-all memoirs: $325,000 — to start

In “The Long Game,” Republican U.S. senate majority leader Mitch McConnell slams the man he calls “Professor Obama” and needles fellow lawmakers, ABC News says in a new story. It hits bookstores next Tuesday.

McConnell bookMcConnell told the Associated Press a year ago that he was writing the book. But he didn’t say how much he’d get paid. Now, his new financial disclosure report filed last week shows what publisher Penguin forked over: $325,000 — and that’s just to start. He’ll also receive royalty payments: 15% of sales at the retail price of hardcover editions; 7.5% to 10% of sales of paperbacks; and 25% of e-book sales.

This is McConnell’s biggest foray into book publishing. If sales go through the roof, he could earn a bigger advance next time. But as political books go, it’s a long road to match what Simon & Schuster paid Hillary Clinton in 2000 for her memoirs as first lady: a near-record $8 million. (And that’s not counting the rumored $14 million for her years as secretary of state.) In fact, McConnell’s pales alongside a list Boulevard compiled of other high-profile authors going back to 2001.

The 20-page disclosure report covering all of 2015 is full of details about McConnell’s finances and those of his wife, the economist Elaine Chao. Among them, Chao got paid five figures for speeches she gave to the Alliance for Public Awareness in Paris ($50,000), and the Real Estate Roundtable in Washington ($25,000). Chao was U.S. labor secretary in the George W. Bush Administration.

With Chao’s substantial family wealth included, McConnell ranked No. 11 among the senate’s wealthiest members as of 2014, the latest year available from the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog group.

Related: McConnell’s 2014 financial disclosure report. Also, here’s Republican Rand Paul’s 2015 report, plus his 2014 report.