Day: July 25, 2016

Chris Pratt on helping Louisville’s Lawrence with first sex scene: ‘Your job as a leading man is to make the actress feel comfortable’

Jennifer LawrenceBoulevard reviews the latest media coverage of the Oscar-winning Louisville native in our exclusive Jennifer Lawrence Diary™. Today’s news, rated on a scale of 1-5 stars:

Three starsJennifer Lawrence‘s co-star in Sony Pictures’ upcoming “Passengers” has some advice for anyone auditioning to be her next boyfriend. It came Saturday at Comic-Con in San Diego, where Chris Pratt talked about his role in Lawrence’s first on-screen sex scene.

“We’re actors and it’s a big a part of the job,” Pratt said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “Your job as a leading man is to make the actress feel comfortable and you do that by minimizing the amount of people that are there and . . . having a sense of whether or not they’re feeling OK.”

Scheduled for a Dec. 21 release, “Passengers” is about a spacecraft transporting thousands of people to a distant colony planet, when a malfunction in its sleep chambers causes two passengers — Lawrence and Pratt — to wake up 60 years early. It’s safe to assume the sex scene takes place after they wake up.

“It was just nerve-racking,” Lawrence said of the scene, during an earlier interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It’s not even about your co-star, because Pratt is so wonderful and lovely. My nerves weren’t about him.”

Instead, it was about being watched by everyone else — “all of the cameramen, all the producers and the director.”

Now, that’s acting!

Here’s Lawrence and Pratt during an earlier appearance at CinemaCon last spring:

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Royal ties that bind: Brown-Forman’s Barzun-Bingham connection shined bright in the Brexit shocker

By Jim Hopkins
Boulevard Publisher

The spirits giant Brown-Forman depends on the U.K. for 10% of its annual sales, and the rest of Europe for another 21% — making Britain’s surprise vote to quit the E.U. especially meaningful last month. Brexit also recalled Brown-Forman’s familial ties to the Kingdom through the techie U.S. ambassador Matthew Barzun.

“Well, it’s been a big day,” he Tweeted the day after the June 23 referendum, “and as @POTUS says, our unmatched & unbreakable #SpecialRelationship will endure.”

Barzun, 45, a part-year Louisville resident, is a former technology entrepreneur from the Internet’s early days, becoming only the fourth employee of CNET Networks in 1993. He worked there until 2004 in roles including chief strategy officer and executive vice president, according to his State Department biography.

Barzun has been married to Brown-Forman heiress Brooke Brown Barzun since 1999. Her father was the late Brown-Forman CEO Owsley Brown II, and her mother is Owsley’s widow, the philanthropist Christy Brown.

A fifth-generation Brown

The company is one of Louisville’s most storied businesses. It was founded by Brooke’s great-great grandfather George Garvin Brown in 1870. The distiller employs 1,300 workers in the city and another 3,300 worldwide, where the company distributes Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia vodka and other marquee brands in about 160 countries. Tomorrow, shareholders will hold their annual meeting at the Dixie Highway headquarters; three board members up for re-election also are fifth-generation members of the family controlling the nearly 150-year-old distiller.

The Barzuns’ rarefied social and political connections were on full display in November 2013, when the couple rode in a gilded, horse-drawn carriage to Buckingham Palace to present his credentials to Queen Elizabeth II; photo, top, and in this video:

The Barzuns also entertained the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall during a reception last year at the ambassador’s official Winfield House residence in London, shortly before the royals visited Louisville at Christy Brown’s invitation:

Barzuns and Prince of Wales
Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Matthew and Brooke Barzun.

President Obama handed Continue reading “Royal ties that bind: Brown-Forman’s Barzun-Bingham connection shined bright in the Brexit shocker”

In a first, Trump out-fundraises Clinton in Kentucky — but just barely; Louisville still tops for both; search all 6,900 donors in our new database

402 Zip Code map
Lots of loot for Clinton and Trump in Louisville’s 402 Zip Code area.

Republican Donald Trump’s $75,387 from individual Kentucky donors in June slipped past Democrat Hillary Clinton’s $73,153 in the White House race. That was a big switch for the billionaire businessman, whose skimpy Kentucky fundraising had trailed all other major Republican candidates, according to WFPL.

That trend could shift because candidates typically get a bump after a convention, University of Kentucky political science professor Donald Gross told the station. In Trump’s case, it also could mean Republicans are feeling more confident about their nominee: “If you think he has a chance to win, you start freeing up your money.”

The GOP convention ended Friday. The Democrats’ meeting started today and ends Thursday with (presumably) Clinton’s acceptance speech.

Despite June’s reversal, Clinton remains way ahead in total receipts. In the current election cycle, she’s raised $783,000 vs. $130,049, according to the Federal Election Commission. (How to look up data.)

Louisville leads

For both candidates, the most lucrative areas have been Louisville, based on Zip Codes of donors. For privacy reasons, the FEC breaks down receipts only by three-digit Zip Codes. Here are the dollar amounts for 402:

  • Clinton: $279,900
  • Trump: $24,852

Clinton’s second most-fertile ground was Zip 410, the Covington area, where she picked up $150,349. Trump’s was 405, Lexington, where he got $23,948.

Find every donor to Clinton and Trump

In sheer numbers, Clinton’s received money from more than 17 times as many Kentuckians as has Trump, through June 30. Boulevard has just compiled spreadsheets showing the names of every donor to both candidates: Clinton’s 6,521 vs. Trump’s 377.

KFC to double outlets in Germany; Jack Daniel’s is going down under; Papa John’s quiere gerentes que harlan Inglis; Taco Bell wants 😀 applicants; and a UPS wedding in Fla.

A news summary focused on 10 big employers; updated 1 p.m.

KFC plans to more than double its presence in Germany over the next five years, to 300 restaurants from 140, according to Insa Klasing, head of the chicken giant’s German subsidiary. Where most locations were major city drive-ins, “today we are also on the market with smaller restaurants,” Klasing said. But even with 300 sites, KFC will still be overshadowed by the nation’s biggest fast-food chain: McDonald’s (Europe Online). And the addition of 160 restaurants would increase total KFCs by just over a 1% vs. the current 15,000 worldwide (KFC corporate website).

KFC bucket of chickenIn India, KFC is re-emphasizing chicken at its approximately 300 restaurants, two years after a push to sell more vegetarian burgers. In the last six months, the Yum division has rolled out three campaigns for its new chicken items, including the Chizza fried chicken slathered with cheese. During the same period, it didn’t start any new ads for vegetarian meals. KFC won’t stop selling vegetarian meals or launch vegetarian options, which still account for 30% of its India menu. But it won’t invest significantly on it either, KFC India marketing chief Lluis Ruiz Ribot said in an interview: “While chicken has always been a large part of our menu, 2016 is the year that we have refocused on our core,” he said (Quartz).

Jack Daniel's bottleBROWN-FORMAN: In Australia, Jack Daniel’s assistant Master Distiller Chris Fletcher will host a series of master classes and tastings in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, as part of the Brown-Forman brand’s 150th anniversary celebrations (Au Review). BF executives toured Ontario’s Collingwood, where it distills Collingwood Canadian Whiskey, and saw first-hand the impact of a $100,000 company donation to the YMCA and a community hospital. “We work from the corporate office and a lot of the things that we do, we only get to see on paper,” said BF civil engagement manager Karen Krinock. “We knew what the ask was, but to see both the YMCA and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital was really meaningful” (Enterprise Bulletin). Louisville-based BF employs 1,300 in the city, and another 3,300 worldwide.

HUMANA: The Justice Department’s lawsuit to block the $37 billion Humana-Aetna merger on antitrust grounds seeks, ironically, to prevent what Obamacare aimed to achieve: government-directed oligopolies, according to The Wall Street Journal editorial board. “The new regulations and mandates since the law passed in 2010 are designed to encourage consolidation,” the paper’s lead editorial says. “But now the trust busters are fretting that these giants will have less incentive to innovate to reduce costs and improve quality, and patients will have fewer choices” (WSJ). Humana employs 12,500 in its Louisville hometown, and a total 50,000 across the country.

Concord mapPAPA JOHN’S: In the San Francisco Bay area, prospective managers who can communicate with customers in English are especially welcome, although bilingual skills are a plus, too, according to a new Craigslist helped-wanted ad for Papa John’s in Concord, Pleasant Hill and Martinez (Craigslist). In surrounding Contra Costa County, 24.4% of the population is Hispanic vs. 23.5% for the San Francisco Bay area; 37.6% for California, and 17.6% for the nation as a whole (Census).

TACO BELL: Language skills aren’t the hiring issue at Detroit area Taco Bells, but something much more basic: Applicants “must be able to come to work on time, show up for scheduled shifts, and be productive when at work.” Also: be happy (Craigslist). Meanwhile, on Craigslist’s Missed Connections section for the Seattle area, a man is looking for a woman Continue reading “KFC to double outlets in Germany; Jack Daniel’s is going down under; Papa John’s quiere gerentes que harlan Inglis; Taco Bell wants 😀 applicants; and a UPS wedding in Fla.”