Review: At Texas Roadhouse in Florida, ‘the atmosphere is intended to be festive, but this was over the top’

An occasional look at reviews given to restaurants owned by Papa John’s, Texas Roadhouse, and Yum.

The location: 7973 W. Irio Bronson Memorial Drive in Kissimmee, Fla. The headline: “Loud, cramped, and overcooked steak.” Number of stars: two out of five. The customer: TripAdvisor user Nmmickeymom of Santa Fe yesterday.

Anton Ego
Critic Anton Ego.

The review: This dinner was one of the loudest meals I have experienced in a long time. I understand the atmosphere is intended to be festive, but this was over the top. The music for their little dance routine was blasting so loudly, everyone simply stopped talking. We were seven seated at a booth for six with a chair on the end — which is simply not enough room for an adult to eat comfortably. This appears to be their regular practice, as there were multiple tables seated this way. Our server tried her best, but it is very difficult to place food and fill drinks when you cannot reach half of your guests. Probably the most disappointing was the number of our meals that were not cooked properly. One would hope that a steakhouse would understand how to prepare a proper steak.

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