Jennifer LawrenceBoulevard reviews the latest media coverage of the Oscar-winning Louisville native in our exclusive Jennifer Lawrence Diary™. Today’s news, rated on a scale of 1-5 stars:

One starToo bad we can’t award zero stars! The real news here? She didn’t rank No. 1 — instead of a lowly No. 23 — in The Hollywood Reporter’s new list of Tinsel Town’s 100 most powerful players.

“At only 25,” the editors say, “she’s the highest-earning, most-sought-after actress in Hollywood, with four Oscar nominations and one win, for ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ Her essay in Lena Dunham‘s newsletter in October put a megaphone to the gender pay inequity discussion (‘When the Sony hack happened and I found out how much less I was being paid than the lucky people with dicks, I didn’t get angry,’ it begins).”

Her big win, according to the Reporter: adding $653 million to the “Hunger Games” haul with the final installment. And her big bet: that $20 million “Passengers” paycheck gobbling up around 20% of the film’s budget.

Who was No. 1 on the list? Disney CEO Bob Iger. Z-z-z . . .

Clearly, Lawrence would have landed on the list’s tippy-top if editors had factored in this summer’s de rigueur tonsorial treatment: her ice-blond hair. And here’s how to get it, courtesy of Glamour:

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