150th-birthday campaign: How to play the Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel scavenger hunt

Starting Friday in its Lynchburg, Tenn., hometown, the Brown-Forman unit is hiding 150 prize-filled whiskey barrels across the globe at historic and cultural sites, with clues on Jack Daniel’s Facebook pages to help fans find them.

The clues, tied to the history of each region, will be revealed on the day of each local Barrel Hunt, and barrels will be opened when the first person to arrive gives the correct password. The hunt is a social-media marketing centerpiece of the distiller’s 150th anniversary. It runs through Sept. 30.

Photo, top: A barrel gets the Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 brand.

How important is Jack to the company?

It’s the only one of Brown-Forman’s product lines to be specifically highlighted in the mandatory risk factors section of the company’s annual report:

Jack Daniel's“The Jack Daniel’s family of brands is the primary driver of our revenue and growth. Jack Daniel’s is an iconic global trademark with a loyal consumer fan base, and we invest much effort and many resources to protect and preserve the brand’s reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity. A brand’s reputational value is based in large part on consumer perceptions, and even an isolated incident that causes harm — particularly one resulting in widespread negative publicity — could adversely influence these perceptions and erode consumer trust and confidence in the brand. Significant damage to the brand equity of Jack Daniel’s would adversely affect our business. Given the importance of Jack Daniel’s to our overall success, a significant or sustained decline in volume or selling price of our Jack Daniel’s products would have a negative effect on our growth and our stock price. Additionally, should we not be successful in our efforts to maintain or increase the relevance of the Jack Daniel’s brand in the minds of current and future consumers, our business and operating results could suffer.”


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