So glad it’s not $3,600! How much it costs to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Louisville vs. 49 other cities

Personal finance site GO Banking Rates released a study this week on median rental costs for one-bedroom apartments across the country. The study also included the apartments’ average square footage and monthly utility costs. The median for all 50 cities was $1,234.43 — meaning half were higher, and half lower.

Ranking the 50 cities from least expensive to most, No. 1 Wichita, Kan., was the cheapest: $470.

Baseball bat
Our iconic Slugger Museum.

Louisville ranked No. 13, at $750 a month. (That’s close the the median $713 from the authoritative Census Bureau.)

And the most expensive — hang on to your wallet! — was San Francisco, at a whopping $3,600 a month.

Just two other cities in the region made the list: No. 9 Indianapolis: $732, and No. 35 Nashville, $1,395.

Town & Country magazine has the full list of all 50.

Although Louisville didn’t offer the cheapest one-bedrooms, it did score at the top in two other measures. Apartments were the biggest, averaging 806.62 square feet vs. the average 678 for all those surveyed.

And the city ranked No. 1 in pet-friendly landlords; 51% of rental apartments allow pets. That was nearly double the 26% average.

Photo, top: The Grove at Lyndon apartments at 776 Sunset Drive has one-bedrooms starting at $665, according to Check out these other listings.

Photo, below: San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, looking northwest to the city in the distance.

San Francisco, CA, USA

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