‘This place will never be the same. This little corner, anyway’

Yesterday morning was the first time Cave Hill Cemetery allowed the public to visit Muhammad Ali’s grave, the day after he was buried there. Here are excerpts from some of the first accounts.

It would have looked like any unremarkable rectangle of fresh sod had people not been snapping photos. A few brought flowers, one left a tiny set of boxing gloves. A man unfurled an Islamic flag and laid it alongside the grave. His headstone will be simple when it’s installed, in keeping with Muslim tradition. It will be inscribed with just one word: Ali (Associated Press).

From midnight until well after dawn, Louisville Police Det. Tom Hodgkins sat alone in his car atop an embankment deep in the heart of Cave Hill. There in the dark, with his engine turned off and windows rolled down, the only sound he could hear was a splashing fountain just down the hill. “If I said I didn’t go down there and spend a little time with the champ, I’d be lying,” Hodgkins said. “This place will never be the same. This little corner, anyway” (Courier-Journal).

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