Add up all of Amazon’s data and distribution centers, and you’d get 229 Humana Towers

Humana building
It’s a downtown icon.

That’s one amazing measure of how big the retailer’s gotten since it was founded in Seattle 22 years ago.

And it’s still growing. Amazon just announced plans for two more giant distribution centers, both in Edwardsville, Ill. It already has two in the Louisville area employing a combined 6,000 workers, in Shepherdsville and Jeffersonville.

Worldwide, Amazon has 123 centers, including more than 50 in the U.S. alone. At the end of last year, it leased 118 million square feet of distribution and data centers, and owned another 6.8 million square feet. That’s equivalent to:

  • Football fields: 2,105
  • Humana Towers: 229
  • Empire State Buildings: 44
  • Apple headquarters “spaceships”: 43
  • Pentagons: 18 (it’s the world’s biggest office building)

The Jeffersonville center is one of only six in the U.S. open to tours. They last an hour; age restriction: 6 and up. How to schedule one.

Related: More Amazon company facts. Here’s the center in the U.K.’s Hemel Hempstead:
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