Only Parkside sells that cool bike Will Arnett rides in Netflix’s new series ‘Flaked’

Despite the generally meh reviews, I’m still warming up to the new Netflix series “Flaked,” mostly because I liked star Will Arnett so much during his earlier turn in the hilarious “Arrested Development.”

Arnett plays Chip, a recovering alcoholic struggling to rebuild his life in the southern California beach community of Venice; the eight-episode first season launched last month. Arnett’s character can’t drive anymore, so he tools around on a bicycle so ubiquitous, its brand — Linus — ought to be featured in the main credits.

nXpjTmM2I recognized it right away (even if other people didn’t) because I’d seen it on display at Parkside Bikes on Bardstown Road when I was cycle-shopping a year ago. I loved its looks then and now, although I opted for a Specialized instead. Arnett rides the $429 Roadster Classic, according to props and wardrobe spotter The Take. The manufacturer shows it in three colors, including Venetian blue — closest to what Arnett rides, albeit with an old, wooden Coke crate strapped to the handlebars:

Will Arnett linus

Linus bikes aren’t easy to find. Parkside is the only dealer in Kentucky — indeed, it’s one of only nine within a 200-mile radius.

I like Parkside — and apparently, I’m not the only one. Owner Ben Botkins added a second location last June, at 2509 Grinstead Drive near Cherokee Parkway, nearly six years to the date after opening the Bardstown store. The two outlets will have different focuses, Botkins told Business First. The original store will cater to casual riders looking for new or used bikes, while the new one will target “performance” riders who are often out on mountain trails, riding dozens of miles or competing in races.

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