Day: April 5, 2016

What we loved for brunch in Buenos Aires


An occasional look at premium travel from Louisville.

Where: Buenos Aires. When: Nov. 2-16. Airline: Delta. Route: Louisville to Atlanta to Buenos Aires. How much: $4,212 per person for mixed class (business and first). Delta reservations.

Top: Fresh fruit, granola and yogurt at Adorado Social Club in Buenos Aires’ Palermo Hollywood neighborhood. $9.

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40 years ago: How much was that TV in the window?

smaller-cj-adIn the Derby Day 1976 issue of The Courier-Journal, Sun Television and Appliances at 725 E. Broadway advertised a Magnavox TV for a sky-high $499.76. (Free chicken and Coke were part of the bait, apparently.)

It looks even worse in 2016 dollars: $2,083, according to our friends at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, today over at Best Buy on Shelbyville Road, the top-selling smart TV, a 40″ Insignia, is only $270. (But it’s bring-your-own-food-and-drink.)

And Sun Television and Appliances? RIP.

Highest-paid executives at big Louisville employers

Monopoly man smallWho gets paid the biggest bucks by major local employers? Publicly traded companies file that information every year with federal regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Boulevard makes it even easier to find. Our databases track all the dollar amounts, with prior-year totals for comparison. You’ll also find links to the original SEC documents, known as proxy reports. Here’s the database for 2015 and for 2014.

In most cases, companies report details about their five highest-paid executives. Under certain circumstances, however, they’ll disclose additional names.