Now at the Speed Cinema: ‘The Seer: A portrait of Wendell Berry’

From the Speed’s website: “Traversing four seasons of the farming cycle in Henry County, Ky., this documentary illustrates Wendell Berry’s agrarian philosophy. Berry moved back to the Henry County rural community in 1965, where he settled into a life of farming, writing, and teaching, with the relationship of the individual to land and community being central to his work. Within one generation, the balance between these core issues has been tested by the commercialization of agriculture.” Here’s a clip:

Directed by Laura Dunn. Co-producers: Gill Holland of Louisville; Nick Offerman of “Parks and Recreation”; and Owsley Brown III, a documentary filmmaker in San Francisco.

Tickets: $7 for members; $9 for non-members. Show times, with links to buy tickets:

* director Dunn will be there in person.


About the cinema

Speed Art Museum logoThe 142-seat theater is part of the newly renovated museum’s expansion. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including 16-mm, 35-mm and DCI-compliant 4K digital projection systems.

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