Forget about extra-crispy Col. Sanders; here comes another DC Comics’ superhero version — a bucketful of them

Produced with KFC itself, the newest comic in the series is “The Crisis of Infinite Colonels,” wherein the KFC founder we know must defeat the evil Col. Sunder from Earth-3.

Harland Sanders

“To pull it off, he teams up with a whole host of Colonels from across the DC multiverse, like Bizarro Colonel, Steampunk Colonel, and the one and only Col. Arla Sanders from Earth-11,” says The Verge.

The comic echoes the current KFC campaign of multiple Sanders’ impersonators, including the most recent: professional tanner and actor George Hamilton.

Last October, DC and KFC teamed up for “Kentucky Fried Chicken Presents: The Colonel of Two Worlds.” Based in the Los Angeles area’s Burbank, the 82-year-old publisher is best known for its Superman, Batman and other characters.

Sanders launched his iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken chain in 1930 from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Ky., during the Great Depression. He died in 1980 at 90 years old. Read more about KFC and corporate parent Yum.

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