$17,000 to $23,000 a year: Blue is the new black in this Louisville job. (Just don’t have sex with the ‘clients’)

time-clockBoulevard reports extensively on executive pay at big local employers. But we also look at what folks make in the trenches — and in the slammer. This is from a recent ad in Craigslist’s etcetera help-wanted section in Louisville.

The job: halfway house corrections officer.

The duties: You’ll work at Community Transitional Services, a private Louisville halfway house under contract with the state Department of Corrections where paroled inmates land first after prison. Corrections officers count heads, monitor resident behavior, conduct searches for contraband, including drugs and alcohol surveillance, etc. (Boulevard worries about what “etcetera” might include.)

If this weren’t enticing enough, consider the wonderful work schedule: Full-time positions involve 12-hour shifts starting at 7 a.m. or 7 p.m., three and four days weekly,  alternating days every other week, with every other weekend off. Got that?

To qualify, applicants need a GED or high school diploma; a valid driver’s license, and a clean criminal background check (duh). Individuals on supervised parole needn’t apply (double-duh).

Big trouble in the house

Private lockups everywhere have a troubled history, and this place is no exception. Near the corner of 15th and Jefferson streets in the Russell community, CTS lost 329 offenders in 2013, when WDRB examined its history; nearly 1,000 had fled illegally since 2010. The company charged the state $31.61 per inmate daily, or $7,081 per day when the TV station visited. It’s had the corrections department contract since 2009.

Did we mention residents’ complaints about being sexually abused? In 2014, they lodged abuse allegations seven times; just two incidents were substantiated, according to the most recent report made public under the Prison Rape Elimination Act. None of them involved CTS staff, according to the report, which didn’t identify the offenders.

What it pays: $9.25 a hour, or $17,316 to $23,088 a year, depending on the number of days worked weekly.

Photo, top: Actor Matt McGorry as Corrections Officer John Bennet in Netflix’s dark comedy series Orange is the New Black, about a for-profit women’s prison. Here’s the trailer for season four, which starts June 17:

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