Day: May 10, 2016

Schnatter sells $73K of stock

John Schnatter

Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter sold 1,209 shares at $60.06 each yesterday, the company said in a regulatory filing moments ago — for a total $72,540.

After the sale, he owned 10,005,312 shares, excluding options, company documents show. At the current stock price, those shares are worth $600.3 million.

The only uniform required for this Louisville job is your birthday suit

Time clockBoulevard reports extensively on executive pay at big local employers. But we also look at what folks are making down in the trenches, sometimes for very peculiar work. Here’s a recent jaw-dropper from Craigslist’s creative gigs help-wanted listings in Louisville.

The job: Specialty maid/housekeeper for weekends.

The description: I live alone in a six-bedroom, four-bath house. I have a tendency to host very large, very lavish, and sometimes very prestigious parties on Friday nights, leaving me with a large mess to clean on my weekends. You must be detail-oriented and extremely thorough. You must be willing to clean my home completely naked. Absolutely no sexual acts or favors will be asked or expected of you. You will simply be required to clean my home in the nude. Looking to possibly make this a regular gig. Please respond with your interest, terms, and photos of yourself.

What it pays: $500 to $1,000 per weekend.

Boulevard thinks the advertiser should have specified the prospective employee’s gender.


Let’s grab a $6,600 Louisville-to-London plane ticket to see Jennifer Lawrence

An occasional look at premium travel from Louisville.

With Louisville’s own Jennifer Lawrence tripping (hah!) the light fantastic last night in London, Boulevard thought it’d be fun to join the Oscar winner on the red carpet there.

Where: London. When: Friday to Sunday. Airline: Delta and Virgin Atlantic. Route: Louisville to Atlanta to Heathrow; Detroit connection on the return. How much: $6,648 for economy to Atlanta, then business class to London. Virgin Atlantic reservations.

Where to stay? Consider TripAdvisor’s No. 1 rated Hotel 41. It has an executive suite available for Friday and Saturday at $1,379 a night, including taxes and fees; reservations.

Related: Airbnb London properties. The New York Times’ London travel coverage, where you can read more about Westminster Hall and Big Ben; photo, top. Old Louisville’s Belgravia Court meets “Downton” creator Julian Fellows’ new London-based novel.

What Belgravia Court has in common with ‘Downton’ creator Fellowes’ new work

Julian Fellowes has just published a new book — Belgraviawhich like Old Louisville’s Belgravia Court, is named for one of London’s most posh neighborhoods. Belgravia will be a serialized historical drama published as an app; it opens on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo at a ball thrown by the Duchess of Richmond in Brussels, according to Town & Country.

In Louisville, Belgravia Court property seldom hits the market. But at least one — 419 Belgravia — is now listed for $395,000, according to the Realtors association.

Photo, top: Belgravia Court’s famous Pink Palace. Map, below: how to get there.

Derby quiz: It’s sometimes black, but mostly red — and always walked on

21c Museum Hotel rolled out a black one Derby Eve. But nearly every other celebrity-stocked venue opted for the traditional red (Mayor Greg Fischer‘s tweet is Exhibit A) — leaving Boulevard wondering about the history of red carpets. They date to 458 BC!