KFC in U.K. fined $126K after failed health inspection; and Mid-City’s renovation delay was ‘a disaster to my tenants’

A news summary, focused on big employers; updated 8:42 a.m.

KFC: British authorities have fined the restaurant chain $126,000 after it pled guilty in Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court to three charges over hygiene issues at a Pontypool restaurant in Wales last year. An environmental health inspector found no hot water in the bathrooms or food preparation areas, meaning employees couldn’t properly wash their hands, and the premises and food equipment could not be cleaned. The problem stemmed from a boiler that had failed 10 days before the inspection. Janet Cox, head of health, safety and environment at KFC U.K. said the company accepted the findings, and noted that 97% of the 890 U.K. restaurants have a food hygiene score of four out of five or above (Wales Online).

Louisville Magazine June 2016In other news, Mid-City Mall’s $1 million renovation last year was slowed by the discovery of asbestos in the roof, delaying completion of the nearly 60-year-old Highlands institution past the critical Christmas shopping season. “It’s been a disaster to my tenants,” majority owner Sandy Metts told Louisville Magazine in the just-published June issue. Metts, whose family bought the Bardstown Road property in 1976, had to reduce rent, and plans for renovating the Baxter Street side are now on hold.

Metts had to please critics who weren’t happy with the design from the git-go. “This is lipstick on a very old pig,” Debra Richards Harlan told the Bardstown Road Overlay District during the planning stages last year, according to WDRB. This was the first renovation since the 1980s. The mall’s development started in 1959, and was built on the former site of the German Protestant Orphan’s Home; photo, below:

German Protestant Orphan's Home
The front entrance to the orphanage in 1927, in this photo from the University of Louisville Photographic Archives.

And finally, private-equity shop Blue Equity of Louisville bought 3 Kings Entertainment, a broadcasting talent agency in Washington representing more than 100 news anchors, reporters, sportscasters and other media personalities for an undisclosed amount. The deal comes as Blue Equity builds a new sports and entertainment platform (Sports Business Daily).

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