Massie won’t pay six-figure tribute to congressional campaign fundraisers

Thomas Massie

Republican U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie is the lone holdout in the state’s Washington delegation, refusing to make six-figure contributions to congressional committees from their own campaign funds and PACs — a system both parties impose.

Massie, who represents the fourth congressional district from Lewis County, likened the dues system to “extortion,” because he said those who give win an edge in better committee assignments, according to a USA Today report this morning. He’s given only $6,000 of an expected $240,000.

Other delegation members denied they were giving under duress. How much the Republican members donated during the 2013-14 campaign cycle to the Republican Congressional Committee, according to The Courier-Journal:

The delegation’s lone Democrat, John Yarmuth of Louisville in the third district, gave $265,000 during the 2014 cycle to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


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