Louisville to London for $7,800 to visit the stately country house made famous by ‘Brideshead Revisited’

An occasional look at premium travel from Louisville.

Boulevard truly enjoys Voice-Tribune columnist Carla Sue Broecker, and not just because of our shared love for exclamation marks!!! Latest reason why: In this week’s just-published issue, Broecker continues her travel journal about a recent holiday in Merry Old England. But what left us right chuffed was her visit to the iconic Castle Howard (photo, top) — better known as the setting for the 1981 British TV series “Brideshead Revisited.”

The 317-year-old country house is in York, 215 miles north of London. Imagine one of Newport’s summer “cottages” — on steroids. The Howard family still lives there, helping finance its upkeep with year-round public tours, starting daily at 10:30 a.m. Adult tickets are $26 at current exchange rates. Buy them online.

So, let’s escape Louisville’s August heat, and pay the Howards a visit!!!!!

When: Aug. 3-10. Airline: United. Route: Louisville to Chicago to London (Heathrow); total travel time is 10 hours 40 minutes, including layover. How much: $5,076 per ticket, first class all the way. United reservations.

Broecker stayed at The Rembrandt in London’s posh Knightsbridge. One of the hotel’s Grand Rooms is available during our travel week for $381 a night, or about $2,700. Reservations. TripAdvisor rates it no. 228 of 1,067 hotels there. As always, Airbnb London apartments are an option, too.

Fans of the 1981 Brideshead series, based on the Evelyn Waugh novel, will also enjoy the excellent 2008 film adaptation starring Emma Thompson and Matthew Goode. Here’s the trailer:

Photo: Wikipedia.

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