Jennifer Lawrence apartment
Lawrence has looked at a Tribeca apartment just like this; photo shows the model unit.

Jennifer LawrenceBoulevard reviews the latest media coverage of the Oscar-winning Louisville native in our exclusive Jennifer Lawrence Diary™. Today’s news, rated on a scale of 1-5 stars:

Five starsLet’s just go for the jugular: Lawrence, all of 25, is kicking the tires at a paparazzi-proof four-bedroom, four and one-half bath condo in New York City that’s on the market for:


And that’s just the asking price, because buyers often bid way above in white-hot markets like New York, San Francisco, and the city where Lawrence already has at least one home: Beverly Hills.

The building is in the Tribeca neighborhood, downtown on the west side and snuggled up to the Hudson River. Specifically: 443 Greenwich St. It’s apartment 3A — meaning, incredibly at that price: No. River. View. And hello, street noise.

Do dish more, Curbed New York:

“The swankified 1880s book bindery-turned-condo has been an easy sell among the monied elite. ‘We’re creating an environment that is genuine TriBeCa yet also paparazzi-proof,’ MetroLoft principle Nathan Berman said in a statement. Those private amenities include drive-in, drive-out underground parking and a second lobby for residents wanting to take private elevators. The building also features a central courtyard only for building residents.”

In other words, Lawrence needn’t worry about an East Coast version of the 10 paparazzi camped outside the West Coast home she bought in October 2014 from comedian Ellen DeGeneres for a mere $8.2 million. Plus, the paps would have plenty of other prey in the neighborhood: Celebrities who’ve lived there include mega Grammy-winner Beyoncé, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. Besides, Lawrence can always fall back on her Donald Trump-hunting bodyguards.

Compared to other prices in the building, apartment 3A is a steal. The penthouse is on the market for $55 million; that would be a record for downtown, Curbed says. For more perspective on 3A’s $14.4 million ask, consider the priciest home up for grabs here in Louisville is $16 million (and a recent price cut from $20 million suggests the seller is motivated).

The bottom line: For this condo’s sheer gorgeousness, Boulevard awards Curbed a rare, and coveted five-star review!

Here, by the way, is the curb appeal of Greenwich Street in front of the building; yup, that’s a loading dock on the left-hand side:

Greenwich Street

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