$25 per hour: Here’s a job so unusual, it’ll probably leave friends scratching their heads

time-clockBoulevard reports extensively on executive pay at big local employers. But we also look at what folks are making down in the trenches — or, in this case, up in the heads. Here’s a recent ad from Craigslist’s salon/spa/fitness category of Louisville job listings.

The job: head lice removal technician.

The description: Lice Doctors is looking for people who can work part-time, on-call — and away from an office, because you’ll likely treat families in their home or another agreed-upon location. To qualify, you must have experience removing head lice, either professionally or on family and friends; be able to find small nits in hair, and have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and proof of auto insurance. Ideally, you have already worked in healthcare (such as a nurse, home health aide, certified nursing assistant, or phlebotomist); as a hairdresser, and with children.

What the ad doesn’t say seems nearly as important, according to the company’s website: You must be willing to tell people what you do for a living, in a conversation that goes like this:

“You’re a what?!”

“A lice remover.”

” . . . so you pick lice out of people’s hair?”


“Does it work? Can you really get rid of the lice? Do you clean their whole house or something?”

“It works 100%. I can really get rid of the lice and I don’t do anything with the home because that isn’t necessary. All the focus and energy goes towards the head and hair.”

“Do you use a pesticide or something?”

“No, I use olive oil.”

“Olive oil?!”


What it pays: $25 per hour, plus travel expenses. (Lice Doctors charges customers $125 for the first hour, then $110 for each additional hour.) At that hourly rate, working 20 hours a week (plus many extra hours after school starts, we imagine), you’d earn $26,000 a year.

Related: Yes, you really can use olive oil to treat lice. Plus, Amazon sells 143 different lice removal kits.

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