Road rage! Two identical Louisville jobs. Which one pays three times more than the other?

Time clockBoulevard reports extensively on executive pay at big local employers. But we also look at what folks are making down in the trenches — in this example, along the streets.

Both major ride-sharing services — the 21st-century taxi companies — are advertising for Louisville drivers in Craigslist’s etcetera job listings.

Uber’s pitch: Meet your financial goals. Signing up takes less than 4 minutes, earnings area deposited directly into your bank account weekly; set your own driving schedule. To qualify, you need a four-door vehicle; valid driver’s license, be at least 21, own a smartphone, and have car registration and insurance. What it pays: $512 a week.

Lyft’s pitch: Drivers choose their own hours, drive their own car, and cash out whenever you want to, with payment directly deposited into your bank account weekly. As with Uber, to qualify you must have a four-door car, but from year 2004 or newer, be at least 21, own an iPhone or Android, and have a clean driving record and personal auto insurance. What it pays: a lot more, up to $1,500 a week.

Photo, top: The 1958–82 Checker A series cabs are the most famous taxi vehicles in the U.S.

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