Just in time for the NRA: etiquette advice for the reluctant party hostess

Donald Trump

With White House aspirant Donald Trump and more than 70,000 other visitors roaming Louisville next week for the annual NRA meeting, Boulevard thought yesterday’s installment of our favorite Courier-Journal feature couldn’t be more timely. We’re talking about advice column Annie’s Mailbox, which asked and answered the following:

Dear Annie,
What is the polite thing to do with a guest who carries a gun? I do not like guns in my house, but I have a friend who adamantly refuses to leave his gun at home when he comes here. Do people who carry a concealed weapon have an obligation to notify the host before entering their residence?

Signed, Pennsylvania

Dear Pennsylvania,
Yes. More importantly, it’s your house. You get to set the rules, and if you don’t want guns, say so. You can’t force him to be honest about having a concealed weapon, but you certainly can inform him of your preferences.

Trump has a permit to carry a concealed gun. In Kentucky, you can, too; here’s how. Plus, there’s no shortage of places to buy guns in the Louisville area, as this Google map shows.

Gun map

Photo, top: A Bersa concealed carry 40-caliber pistol: $319.95 at Gilbert’s Guns in Frankfort.

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