Amazon in ready-to-cook food delivery; Hut adding 200 stores in UK; Texas sued over peanuts, and UPS stockholders reject ‘Holy Land’ proposal

A news summary, with a special focus on big Louisville employers; updated 11:01 a.m.

AMAZON and Tyson Foods are close to launching a ready-to-cook ingredients delivery service, akin to what Blue Apron and HelloFresh do, showing the e-commerce company’s growing ambition in the grocery and food business (Business Insider). Restoration Hardware, Land’s End and other retailers are getting into Prime membership-like plans (CBS). As Amazon gets into air delivery, is it time to sell UPS shares (The Street)?

PIZZA HUT is adding 200 stores and about 3,000 jobs across the UK. The expansion will cost £40 million ($57 million U.S.) and a quarter of the stores will be Pizza Hut “Express” formats (Independent). Pizza Hut already has more than 14,100 restaurants and 300,000 employees in nearly 100 countries, excluding the Yum China division; those are about 59% of Yum’s total 505,000 workers (company website).

FORD has filed for a patent for an invention producing artificial noises that make it sound like more cylinders are working, leading drivers to be more fuel-efficient (Markets Daily).

TEXAS ROADHOUSE: In a lawsuit, an Iowa man has accused the company of negligence after he slipped on peanut shells on a Cedar Falls restaurant floor and shattered his knee in February 2015. The steakhouse chain serves buckets of peanuts to customers, and encourages them to throw the discarded shells on the floor, creating a hazard, the suit says (Des Moines Register).

UPS said shareholders re-elected all 11 members of the board of directors during their annual meeting. But stockholders voted down three shareholder proposals, including one on “Holy Land Principles” that would govern the shipper’s Israeli-Palestinian employment practices (SEC filing).

KINDRED has filed its quarterly report with the Securities and Exchange Commission (10-Q filing).

In other news, U.S. stock markets were climbing, with the S&P 500 index at 2077, up 1% (Google Finance). Led by Amazon, nearly all components in the 11-stock Boulevard Stock Portfolio were trading higher.

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