Immoral, intemperate would-be barbers need not apply

If you knew all the hoops to jump to get barber licenses under Kentucky law, you’d tip your barber even more generously. The State Board of Barbering‘s governing law and regulations run well over 40 pages, covering everything from the regulatory board (whose five members are appointed by the governor) to how barber schools advertise. My favorite part of the license qualifications section: You must be of “good moral character and temperate habit.”

Outfitting a shop isn’t cheap, either. A traditional striped barber pole alone costs a whopping $1,035 at retailer Minerva Beauty of Monroe, Ga. (The history of poles is interesting, but not for the faint-of-heart.)

10408723_1512343935685110_2971144345046087142_nAs for me, I get a haircut and beard trim every three weeks at Market St. Barbers in NuLu: $45, not including tip. (Today was the day.) The shop’s at 748 E. Market St. Ask for Ken Watts, senior master barber.

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