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This New Zealand journalist ate a daily pizza for 222 days — 350,000 calories! — and has Pizza Hut to thank; plus, a Ford truck job seeker’s cautionary tale

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Richard Meadows‘ plan began simply enough: The Auckland journalist was feeling weak and out of shape, with nagging injuries that hobbled his amateur career in strength sports.

“What better way to restore myself to peak physical condition,” he writes in a first-person account in this morning’s Star-Times newspaper, “than to hit the gym hard while devouring an entire pizza every day? With a whopping 1,600 calories and a decent chunk of protein, the Domino’s $5 range represented absurdly good value for money.”

But then social media, plus a tad bit of Meadows’ oversharing, led to a betrayal by an unhappy Domino’s — throwing a wrench in his plan. “To commemorate my 100th pizza, I’d posted a photo to their Facebook page, reclining on the boxes I’d collected and sharing a few highlights from the journey to date: ‘Bowel movements now arrive every hour on the hour, and the cheese nightmares are becoming less frequent!'”

His post racked up several thousand “likes” that same night. But when he woke up the next morning, “my heartfelt tribute had been deleted without explanation,” he said. “The relationship was over.”

Pizza Hut boxThat’s when Meadows — who also documented his caloric journey on Instagram — turned to a Pizza Hut restaurant on Dominion Road in Auckland. Within days, he and the manager, identified only as Hriday, were on first-name terms. “Hriday never judged me for my gluttonous ways, and we soon built a rapport. He worked long hours, and Sunday was his only day off. If I went to a different branch during the week, he would worry.”

Meadows called the project done on Day 222, a number that had a nice symmetry to it, and he got a final blood test to mark the occasion. “After taking in over 350,000 calories of the stuff, my vital signs improved in almost every measurable way,” he says. “How can this be?” Continue reading “This New Zealand journalist ate a daily pizza for 222 days — 350,000 calories! — and has Pizza Hut to thank; plus, a Ford truck job seeker’s cautionary tale”

Exhibit space designer Solid Light moving to new quarters south of Broadway

The company designed the Evans Williams Bourbon Experience downtown.

Solid Light is consolidating operations at a newly bought SoBro building two blocks south of Broadway to house all its approximately 30 employees designing exhibits for museums and other corporate clients.

Cynthia Torp

The company bought the building at 804 South Fifth St. for $1.7 million on June 15; it was previously occupied by CED Industrial Solutions and, before that, E&H Electric Supply. Solid Light is moving from 438 South Third St. and a fabrication shop in Bluegrass Industrial Park in eastern Jefferson County, according to The Courier-Journal and Business First.

Its projects have included the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience on West Main Street’s Museum Row, and the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Miss. Owner Cynthia Torp started the company 16 years ago.