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Stop the presses, and start sending your party invitations to the Voice-Tribune’s new editor

Lifestyle Media’s deal to buy The Voice-Tribune and a clutch of other Blue Equity Publishing shiny sheets last week included a new editor, too. Tonya Abeln, who until last month was editorial chief of the now-defunct society news competitor NFocus, appears in this week’s issue in a new post: editor in chief.

Tonya Abeln

In a letter to readers yesterday, she promises the new owners will hew to the 70-year-old Voice-Tribune’s tried-and-true strategy of party photos, party photos, and more party photos. Plus, Abeln vows to continue employing “the same captivating columnists.”

This is huge for Boulevard’s society news department because we really, truly love that boldest of boldface names: Partyline columnist Carla Sue Broecker, who after two decades on the soirée beat surely knows where all the bodies are buried in Anchorage, Glenview and Prospect.

Abeln, it turns out, has had her nose pressed against the VT’s leaded-glass windows a long time. “I have always looked to The Voice-Tribune as the standard of excellence to which I hoped to live up [to],” she says.

Carla Sue Broecker

Confidential to Tonya: Please arrange for a more suitable photo of Carla Sue tout de suite; the one online, at least, is starting to look like an early Jackson Pollock.

The Boulevard 400™

We took a page from Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor‘s social diary to create our own roster of Louisville movers, shakers, and money-makers. Everyone gets a score: the number of times their name appears in boldface here on Boulevard. Our “400” list already includes Carla Sue, Tonya, and 167 others. Are you on it?

Society magazine NFocus is calling it a night, for good

July issue cover
July issue is the last.

In a blow to everyone who loves society news and photos, the monthly NFocus magazine’s Louisville edition is now kaput. The July issue, on newsstands July 6, will be the last.

Tonya AbeLn

Yesterday, Editor Tonya Abeln said the luxury, philanthropy, art and fashion magazine had been well-received, but “the challenges that are affecting all of print media were a factor in this decision.”

NFocus is owned by Nashville-based SouthComm; the Nashville edition will continue.

The magazine’s demise leaves much of the city’s ongoing society coverage to the weekly Voice-Tribune — and to Boulevard, of course.

Lady Mary would absolutely approve: Guests dress for success at the Long Run Hounds Hunt Ball

Big smiles, big personalities and big business networking — yes, it’s everyone’s favorite feature in the society shiny sheets: party photos! Boulevard picks through the pics, choosing our favorite coverage. Today’s entry is from Nfocus Louisville.

Napier’s nattier.

Long Run Hounds Hunt Ball
“The invitation,” Tonya Abeln writes, “eloquently stated the dress code as ‘White or Black Tie — Scarlet, if convenient,’ and for most of the members, their scarlet riding frock, designed as a bright form of identification as well as to denote a seasoned Hunt member, was the perfect dapper ensemble.”

In other words, picture “Downton Abbey’s” Honorable Evelyn Napier, looking askance in the photo, above right.

Annette Adams chaired the party at the Pendennis Club, where a silent auction was all about some serious and even mysterious paraphernalia: vintage English lapel pins, hunt bridle (?) and breastplate (?!).

Lest readers blanch at the thought of tearing a fox to pieces, not to mention the traditional “blooding” procedure, Nfocus urged calm: “Foxhunting could more accurately be called fox chasing, as LRH is one of many ‘no-kill’ hunt clubs, indulging in the sport purely for the enjoyment of the outdoors with their four legged friends.”


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Photo, top: Lady Mary Crawley and Napier, whose Turkish hunting companion was dying to bed her.